Project Description

Interactive table for Sunfire

An interactive table for trade fairs

Sunfire is a Dresden-based technology company that develops innovative systems for the generation and storage of renewable energies. Sunfire and the responsible agency OBERBERÜBER KARGER (OK) commissioned us and the design studio Neongrau to develop an interactive table for trade fair appearances. The task of this table is to present Sunfire products in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Innovative technology

In an intensive prototyping phase, we created various versions of Tangible User Interfaces (TUI) using a 3D printer in our workshops. The printed objects are user interfaces for the communication with the touch table. Physical objects have a special appeal in the use and control of digital content and create an access to complex topics. By moving the printed cube across the table, you can view various information about Sunfire products and how they work. The cube has the shape of a PowerCore – Sunfire’s key technology. We also designed other objects such as houses, vehicles or a wind turbine to showcase the use and production of renewable energies. Arduino controlled motors and LED strips ensure a lively ensemble on the table.

Intuitive usage

Together with the client and OK, we developed an intuitive user concept for the interactive table. The portfolio and functionality of Sunfire products have been explained with easy-to-understand animations and graphics. The screen contents react dynamically to the movements of the Tangible PowerCore. On the software side, we used the VVVV Toolkit to implement the exhibit. All content is based on the corporate design developed by OK. The content can be displayed in several languages if required.

An exhibit for touring use

The modular exhibit can be assembled and dismantled within a few minutes and does not require extensive specialist knowledge. The individual components of the exhibit can be exchanged and adapted as required. The interactive table was constructed four international touring use and can be transported as regular airplane luggage.