Project Description

Bosch Digital Factory

For Bosch’s new 300-millimetre semiconductor factory, we developed a special application for a transparent display. Users are intuitively guided step by step through the individual areas of production and learn about all processes and functions. The application is therefore an exact digital image of the Bosch factory, similar to a digital twin.

Bosch Digitale Fabrik

A new way of interaction

Users can interaction with 3D objects in the application. This novel form of interaction with the content makes the application a lively, impressive experience. For example, the 3D model can be used to show how and where Bosch chips are installed in products. The display also visualises real-time data around the Bosch factory.

A physical model of the factory is placed behind the transparent display. We use augmented reality here to fade in information about the production site.

Realisation of the idea

For the implementation, we first analysed the processes within the factory. The touch application was then developed from the findings. The creation of the digital 3D models of the factory and the development of a suitable look and feel for the application were also part of our tasks.

Bosch Digitale Fabrik