Project Description

Interactive Room for Mondrian

Intolight recreate with the interactive experience room one of the most famous works of Piet Mondrian. The Dutch artist created a unique style with geometric forms, clear structures and a pointed use of simple primary colors. Already during his lifetime his so-called neoplasticism was much received and thus had a lasting influence on the art world.

The Dresden art collector Ida Bienert was also impressed by Mondrian’s elegant and reduced-simple works. In 1925 she commissioned the artist to design a room in her villa. The resulting color scheme described not only the walls, floor and ceiling but also the composition and arrangement of the furniture as a holistic concept of the room.


Mondrian ErlebnisraumMondrian Erlebnisraum

An artistic concept becomes reality

Since 2019, the Bienert Villa has been the headquarters of the newly founded Barkhausen Institut. The independent research institute focuses on the reliability of Internet of Things (IoT) systems. In order to pay tribute to the historical site, the institute commissioned Intolight to implement the concept of Piet Mondrian. This gave us the opportunity to create an interactive experience space based on the color scheme. The event was part of the 100th anniversary celebrations of the founding of the Bauhaus.


einfache BedienungInteraktive Mondrian Raum

Our implementation and recreation

We used Mondrian’s designs as a starting point for our interactive experience space. To expand the immersive experience, we developed a suitable soundtrack for the Mondrian space. We developed Mondrian’s static design elements into interactive animations that could be influenced by visitors via a touch display.

Connecting Art with Technology

We also used the resulting room to present the work of the Barkhausen Institut. We embedded elements of information technology and IoT in the artistic design of the room. Accordingly, the geometric forms, lines and colors in their neat structure can also be understood as a closely interlaced overall structure: The complexity of the Internet of Things as artistic expression. Finally, the artwork was given a new function: it became a technology demonstrator

Using four projectors and the software framework VVVV, we created an audiovisual room installation that allowed visitors to discover the unique field of tension between art and technology in an accessible and individual way. This also made it possible to convey much more abstract topics such as data confidentiality, network technology and IT security.


Interaktiver Mondrian Raum