Project Description

Mixed Reality Exhibit – The Forest Of The Future

Intolight was asked by the National Park Center Saxon Switzerland to create a mixed reality exhibit about the forest of the future. The main goal of the nature reserve is to gradually remove the forests from cultivation and to transform them into a near-natural or natural region.

Mixed Reality Exponat

The Forest Of The Future

What will the forest of the future look like? How will the forest develop without human influence? We answer these questions with our mixed reality exhibit. With a swiveling touch screen you can explore the state of the forest of today. After tapping the screen you jump 300 years into the future. The visitors can now explore the impressive forest of the future in a 3D environment.

Eine 3D Welt erkunden

The Design Process

We used photogrammetry to reconstruct a 3D model of a real forest section of the national park. Using the Unreal Engine, flora and fauna were authentically recreated and animated. Visitors can explore animated animals as well as weather influences in a highly realistic, virtual environment.

We developed a custom-made display for the exhibit, which allows horizontal and vertical tilting. With this screen it is possible to look into the treetops of the virtual forest.