Project Description

Dance-Exhibit Unit

Dance Experience Space
The perception of contemporary dance is manifold and quite ambivalent in a broad public. The intention of UNIT, a mobile dance experience, which we developed together with the Dresdner Tanzcompany “The Guts Company”. Under linguistic guidance visitors can move in scenarios such as “honey” or “water” and interactively explore sounds and images. Sound graphics react to the movements and create an aesthetic-physical total experience as an intuitive approach to the theme of dance.

UNIT ErfahrungsraumUNIT Detail

Tracking Technology
The technical setup consists of a Kinect camera that detects movements in the room. The software framework VVVV translates these data into generative graphics and sound parameters using our DX11.Particles software pack. Three projectors produced an immersive 270 ° panorama.

UNIT DetailUnit Particles
The project was funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation in the context of the fund’s Double Passport.
Unit was placed at the Deutschen Hygiene-Museum Dresden
Consultant: Thomas Dumke
Organisation: Heike Zadow