Project Description

Framework DX11.Particles

DX11.Particles is our very own tool for great visuals and animations. We asked some friends to try out the software.
The show reel above is showing some of the awesome results by  Antokhio, Blenderich, tmpEveryoneishappyKoraiNoirSchnellebuntebilder and Superbien.
Generatives DesignGeneratives Design

Controlling complex particlesystems

With DX11.Particles we created a cutting-edge computational tool that generates, animates, controls, and interprets pointclouds and particle systems.
With its wide array of possible behaviours and advanced grouping methods, DX11.Particles offers a wide spectrum of great visual aesthetics to make sure the audience or users never get bored.

Tracking in vvvv is a piece of cake

It allows us to both generate or finely detect and track physical objects and bodies in 3D space, interpreting them as ever-changing clouds of three-dimensional pixels, and process either blazingly fast on any modern graphics card. The technology allows the usage of Microsoft’s Kinect camera to obtain and process 3D data in real-time, to find meaning in space.
dx11.particles Logo

Scalability and distribution of particlesystems

DX11.Particles scales well because calculation is done by the GPU.  Additionally, even multiple point  clouds can be pre-filtered and joined through your local network. That’s why for larger setups we can easily combine multiple computers and fuse many cameras and perspectives in one application.


We decided to release the code, so other people can learn and benefit from it, too.
For commercial use; however, please contact us at