Project Description

Mobile exhibition with interactive exhibits

For the Saxon addiction prevention project GLÜCK SUCHT DICH, a double-decker bus was converted into a mobile exhibition space. Together with Kraussreinhardt, we conceived and designed various interactive media stations. Children and young people can playfully explore what happiness means, how to protect themselves from the dangers of addiction and how one is connected to the other.

The mobile and compact character of the exhibition was particularly exciting for us. This holds many new possibilities and also brings some challenges in terms of space and technology. We had the opportunity to develop a multi-sensory experience to appeal to all the senses. The visitors can immersively dive into the theme worlds.

In addition, the topic of addiction prevention should reach young students and convey facts and contexts in an unbiased way. To achieve this, the range of topics was expanded. For example, media and social networks are also critically questioned with regard to their addiction risks.

Our work ranged from the development of interaction and game concepts to programming, level and interface design and the development of a timed media control system for the entire exhibition.

Mobile AusstellungMobile Ausstellung

Dangers of addiction quiz

The first station is a quiz in which the children select addiction dangers with the help of haptic objects. They place the cylinders on the table, the sensor system now recognises which topic it is and asks corresponding questions on the touch screen. The main aim is to raise awareness about the reasons for consumption or overconsumption of media and illegal substances. The quiz agenda also includes ways out of addictive behaviour.


Mobile Ausstellung

Experience the effects of alcohol via virtual reality

Blue Lounge is the name of the second station we developed for the exhibition bus. Here, everything revolves around alcohol and its effects on one’s senses. To make the changed sensation tangible, we created an immersive 3D world that the young people can explore with VR glasses. With an imaginary room, we simulate how perception changes under the influence of alcohol and what this means for the performance of various activities. The boundaries between reality and the virtual world blur into an impressive sensory experience.


Interaktives Exponat

Self-awareness in the flow zone

In this station, the pupils should be encouraged to reflect by means of various sources. We took over the complete media installation within the flow zone. For example, the children can listen to the voice-over via Bluetooth headphones, which guides them through a thought journey. In addition, there is the possibility to watch suitable visuals on a monitor.

Happy game design

“Happiness knowledge” is the name of the fourth station we have developed. Two games teach the pupils interesting facts about hormones and hormone balance. Interactive touch screens and appealing game design activate the children and help them to integrate what they have learned into their everyday lives.

The chemical processes that take place in the body are explained. The knowledge transfer happens here in a winning, fun way.

interaktive Hörstation

A clear view thanks to projection mapping

For the “Durchblick” exhibit, we brought together a wide variety of techniques to create an exciting multimedia station on the topic of tobacco consumption. On a real object – an oversized cigarette – various projected animations on the ingredients can be triggered by touch interaction. The capacitive touch sensors were specially developed for this application. The moving images, the object, the form of interaction and the dimmed light contribute to an intense experience of knowledge.

Projection Mapping