Project Description

Upcycling Exhibit

Exhibits should almost always reflect the thematic framework of the event. For the Year of Science exhibition on the ship “MS Wissenschaft” with the title “Future City”, we therefore developed an upcycled exhibit made of recycled plastic. Together with Neongrau and the Leibniz Institute for Ecological and Regional Development (IÖR), “The Green City” was created.

Upcycling ExponatRecycling Elemente

Recycling plastics

We collected plastic waste from the staff of the IOER and sorted it by colour. They were then shredded and moulded into the right shape. The handmade plates surround the exhibit, where visitors can interactively learn about the important issues of ecological balance. Those who upset the green cone in the middle of the table learn something about what he or she can contribute to the “green city” with the help of simple, vivid examples.

Kunststoff RecyclingSortierte Kunststoffe