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Project Description

Skyguide at Museum for Transportation Lucerne

Das Verkehrshaus der Schweiz ist das meistebesuchteste Museum der Schweiz. Gemeinsam mit der Agentur Alltag hat Intolight für die Flugsicherungsgesellschaft Skyguide einen interaktiven Ausstellungsbereich gestaltet.

Unsere Aufgabe war es den das Thema Luftsicherung im Kontext eines modernen Museums zu inszenieren. Zudem sollte das Unternehmen Skyguide präsentiert werden, dass mit 1500 Mitarbeitern an 14 Standorten die Flugsicherung der Schweiz und im angrenzenden Ausland organisiert.

Interactive Relief

Two central exhibits and a series of audio and video stations communicate the topic to the broadly diversified age group of visitors. The core of the exhibition area is a 3.50m x 2.00m large 3D relief on which all flight movements of Switzerland can be displayed in real time. With the help of filters, visitors can display additional content on a touch terminal. Intolight created a 3D model for the implementation from Nasa’s SRMT data, which was then produced with a CNC milling machine.

Portrait Screen

Floor Projection Game

For the younger target group, Intolight realised a floor projection game in which children and adults can get to know the profession of air traffic controller. The aim is to guide aircraft safely through Swiss airspace by targeting a 6.00m x 8.00m area. Technically, Intolight used four 3D cameras to record the visitors’ movements on the playing field.

Detail Skyflight
Detail SkyflightExponat Skyflight

On the software side, Intolight used VVVV and its successor VL. The proprietary development DX.11 Particles and VVVV Message were used for this purpose.

Video: Drehtag / Alltag