Project Description

Exhibition Design at UNH Kelsterbach

The information centre in the Umwelthaus Kelsterbach provides neutral information about the Frankfurt airport and developments in its surrounding region. It shows results of recent noise research as well as the moving history of the airport region. Its aim is to foster a positive and solution-oriented discussion between the different points of view and stakeholders, based on facts.

For the permanent exhibition „Protest. Mediation. Dialogue. The Frankfurt airport, the region and its people.“ we developed 5 significant exhibits dealing with different topics.


Noise Pollution Desk

The so-called „Noise Pollution Desk“ surveys trends of the region’s noise-pollution according to the air routes. With four rotary knobs complex geographic data can be explored.

Exponat Schalllabor

Sound Laboratory

In the so-called „Sound Laboratory“ provides an understanding of what loudness means and lets the user compare sound examples directly with each other, by origin and continuous sound level. Next to this, visitors can experience the power of a sound-insulating window and discuss the pros and cons of this type of noise protection.

Exponat Warenströme

Commodity Flows

Another exhibit is called the „Commodity Flows“ and visualises the transport routes of six exemplaric types of air freight. With a simple knock on the box the related animation is triggered, showing distance, flight times, carbon use etc.

Exponat KlimawaageExponat Klimawaage

Climate Budget

Visitors can use the Climate Budget exhibit to determine their personal CO2 household. With the help of a barcode scanner, one’s own lifestyle can be captured. These include the use of mobility, food, housing and holiday destinations. Subsequently, the own CO2 budget is graphically represented and put in relation to the European average. Optionally, your own climate budget can also be printed out.