Project Description

Stage Design T-Systems Kickoff

For Kickoff 2018, the annual strategy conference of T-Systems Multi Media Solutions in Dresden, intolight developed the stage design. The focus of the event was on the look into our digital future. How do technical visions become reality? What are business models for the future? How will we take care of digital security? Several inspiring keynotes presented projects, transported ideas and initiated vivid discussions about important topics. To get everybody in the mood, we created an audiovisual time travel into the future.

Show and visuals

The setting consisted of a centre stage, resembling the image of a landed spaceship, pulsating and communicating directly with the audience around. The host and all the keynote speakers could be seen and experienced from a close and almost intimate distance.

Stage Design

A hovering cube above the stage, with its surface fully projected, resembled the idea of a time-machine that had just arrived from the future. A dynamic mix of light, projected visuals and sound presented an informative and engaging show to the audience. For our client, the event was a success and, in line with its motto „Kickoff 2018 – Shaping The Future“, it became an important inspiration for the forthcoming years.

Motion Design

All animations and special effects were rendered in real time with the Multipurpose Toolkit VVVV. We used our DX11.Particles Pack with a physics engine to generate the movements and changes. The 3D models were created with Blender and animated in VVVV. The soundtrack of the evening produced by us reacted rhythmically to the images of the visuals. Besides the projection we also had access to DMX controlled light. In addition, effects such as opening the stage curtain were used.

The entire course of the event was based on a specially developed storyboard that determined the dramaturgy of the evening. During the whole show it was possible for us to dynamically generate on the course of the event. If required, text information could be displayed.