Project Description

Digital Graffiti Spraypainter

The Adidas Spraypainter and Guerilla marketing in Berlin

In January 2016 we developed a “Digital Spraypainter” together with Cromatics and Neongrau for the launch campaign of the new adidas ACE football shoe. The idea was to modify a conventional fire extinguisher so that we could spray lots of digital graffiti on Berlin’s walls in two night and fog actions.

Urban Motion-Design

Real-time graphics and animations were developed with the Multipurpose Toolkit vvvv. This allowed us to change and adapt the content live on site. We also used our DX.11 Particles Pack to create the visuals. A number of selected buildings and places in the city of Berlin, scouted in advance, became the stage for the street art event. Architecture and urban spaces could be impressively staged.

Mobile use and technology

The spraypainter is based on laser and camera technology. To be able to draw precisely on the wall, we have equipped a fire extinguisher with an infrared laser. The compact mobile setup enabled quick assembly and disassembly. A bright projector illuminated the wall surfaces. Additional light was scattered by DMX-controlled spotlights to create a suitable atmosphere for photo and film shoots.

Facade of the Hochschule für Musik Dresden

We have successively developed and improved the Spraypainter. In spring 2017 we had the opportunity to use animated 3D digital graffiti on the impressive facade of the concert hall of the Musikhochschule Dresden (College of Music Dresden). For this purpose, we created new content that was specially adapted to the building. The operation was accompanied and documented by a German TV station.


CEBIT Opening 2018

In summer 2018 the spraypainter was used again for the opening of the CEBIT fair in Hanover. With a visual aesthetic based on the corporate design of the fair, interested visitors could “spray” graphics and messages on a wall themselves.