Project Description

Interactive bicycle

During the “Dein Herz und Du” campaign, the AOK Sachsen-Anhalt organized a tour under the hashtag #herzhelfer in June 2018.
Together with the agency Queo we developed an interactive bicycle. At events in four different cities, visitors could train with it and collect kilometers together. These were paid out after the tour in the form of donations to the German Heart Foundation.

The interactive bike

We have equipped a standard home trainer with different sensors A 55-inch display – linked to the virtual route – visualizes the growth of a balloon. Meanwhile, the balloon pulses to the beat of the rider’s heartbeat. The direct visual feedback provides a captivating, sporty experience.

Innovative technology

For example, we used an infrared sensor to track the speed of the bicycle. We used a 3D printer to produce mounts for cables and microelectronics. On the software side, we use  VVVV to evaluate the recorded data and transfer it into suitable animations.